A tip for managers

How to improve employee motivation and concentration?

Companies all over the world value productivity and hard-work of their employees. Global giants as well as small enterprises try to motivate their co-workers, their employees to go further, to develop, to perform their best by providing comfortable, friendly environment and not only.

But what happens?

Well, the issue is that most of corporations lack information about major problem that is improper mechanical, electrical and plumbing project implementations, which may cause poor and inappropriate lighting, inadequate ventilation and etc. For some it may seem insignificant, yet it actually is. Negligence toward this issue may cause serious problem which is called “The sick building syndrome”.


“The Sick building syndrome” causes are frequently pinned down to flaws in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. However, other causes have been attributed to contaminants produced by outgassing of some types of building materials, volatile organic compounds (VOC), molds, and improper exhaust ventilation of ozone, light industrial chemicals used within, or lack of adequate fresh-air intake/air filtration.

This huge problem may cause not only employee demotivation and discomfort but health issues as well. Headache, dizziness, nausea, eye, nose or throat irritation, dry cough, dry or itching skin, , fatigue, hoarseness of voice, allergies, cold, flu-like symptoms, increased incidence of asthma attacks and that is not all, SBS also causes personality changes, difficulty in concentration, sensitivity to outdoors, reduces work efficiency and increases absenteeism. Most of the complainants report relief soon after leaving the building, although lingering effects of neurotoxins can occur.